Leadership Team

Aaron Pooley

Studio Engineering Manager

Aaron has an experienced background in both Detailed Design Development and Project Management and a keen interest in taking concepts to reality, he invests heavily in his work. Aaron is an affable individual that is driven to improve and believes in a honest and hard days work.

Aaron takes pride in achievement but not at the expense of the team. At a corporate level, he’s been officially recognised as a high achiever, which he attributes to an accute ability to see the fine details that make a difference to the sucess of a project and/or product.

Aaron has extensive experience in:

+ Managing engineering projects of from cradle to grave (project investment: ~$5million+).
+ Designing products to meet functional and manufacturing requirements (volumes: 50,000+ units/yr).
+ Liaising internally with cross functional departments (marketing, purchasing, manufacturing) and externally with out-sourced suppliers.