Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

We had a substantial spread for morning tea on Tuesday morning as part of Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fundraising event. Some tried their hand at baking and others tried their feet at getting to Coles and back in record time. Chocolate ripple cake, taco dip and corn fritters with guacamole featured as did hot chips from Red Rooster. Lisa wins the highest achiever award for suppling macaroons, brownies, honey joys and cholate fudge cake and, along with Janelle, organising the event. Thanks ladies. We were still reaping the rewards at afternoon tea the next day. In total, approximately $500 was raised for the Cancer Council. This is the third year we have participated in the event.

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Jarrod Barker
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Jarrod Barker
Jarrod has a keen interest in technology development and operations. He has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and his industry experience spans product design, sports technology, medical device engineering and power generation. He has worked for a leading design consultancy in Cambridge, UK and now runs the Outerspace branch in San Diego USA.

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